Negotiations for a new operator

The management and the supervisory board of Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK) recently decided to install two (2) new teams aimed at reaching an agreement between RdK and the company (CORC BV) that was selected through a bidding process initiated to find an operator for the oil facilities in Curaçao.  The management and supervisory board of RdK are grateful for and acknowledge the valuable contribution bestowed by the Project Management Organization (PMO) in the matter of realizing above mentioned process. RdK formed a negotiating team responsible for negotiating a new contract with the prospect future operator. In addition to this, RdK instituted a support team that will assist the Government and the government entities.  This will ensure a smooth execution of the processes. 

RdK set March 1st, or before this date, as the aimed period of time during which an agreement with CORC BV should be reached. A government agreement will simultaneously have to be negotiated between CORC BV and the Government, and in addition CORC BV and the government entities will have to negotiate ancillary agreements.  

The government agreement entails agreements between the parties on environmental issues, tax facilities, labor agreements and other topics that are of importance when it comes to the operation of the oil facilities in Curaçao.